Support of projects and dissertations



1. Goals: Financial support of projects that…
-    support the protection of owls: preservation of owl habitats, provisions that protect owl populations
-    explore the biology of owls
-    have cultural and art-history aspects (owl-human)
-    pedagogical concepts which contain one (or multiple) of the points listed above (for example: didactic, school and museum pedagogy)


2. To be eligible for financial support, an application must be submitted. The money will be paid upon receipt of the original bill. The application must consist of the following:
-    theme and title of your project
-    type of project (term papers, bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation, etc.)
-    planned content
-    the goal(s) of your project
-    expected date of completion
-    detailed reasons that show, why you need this support
-    confirmation of your institute
-    signatures of the named teacher(s) and/or mentor(s)


3. The AGE-coordinator decides together with his delegates if you will be given support and the amount of money you will receive.


4. After the completion of your project the AGE is to receive a free copy.


5. The AGE holds the right to utilize your work without payment and to use it in publications. Support by the AGE is to be mentioned in the project/dissertation, together with the imprint of the logos of both the AGE and the assigned NABU organisation.


6. By sending in an application the applicant agrees to the guidelines listed above.


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